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Chris Crosgrove

Chris Crosgrove is currently an independent remote CART provider. Previously, he has been the Manager of Recruiting and Training for Caption Colorado, LLC. He graduated from the Denver Academy of Court Reporting in 1992, and has been the head of the Court Reporting Departments at Lincoln School of Commerce (Lincoln, Nebraska), and Bakersfield College (Bakersfield, California). He has been a realtime captioner for 20+ years. He has captioned in various capacities, including offline, realtime, on-site and remote; programming he has captioned includes news, sports, educational, concerts, etc.;he has also performed remote CART, voice relay, and financial call services. He has conducted realtime writing (steno) and captioning workshops in various cities, including St. Louis, Seattle, Des Moines, Omaha, Little Rock, Wichita, Denver, Los Angeles, Calgary, and Toronto. He has written captioning courses for Stenograph University Online and for Caption Colorado; he has created voice writing courses for several educational institutions and companies as well. Chris has served on committees for both the National Court Reporters Association and the National Verbatim Reporters Association. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education from Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska, and a Master of Music from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and children.

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