Dawn Lane, CVR, CCR

Sherry Zoller, Registered CART provider


Christine Carroll, CVR, CCR

Yvonne Hollingshead, CCR

Nina Copeland, CCR

Mary Kai Brandenburg, caption provider

Rema Strauss, caption provider


Lauren Clifton, CVR, CCR

Allison Smith, RCP, CART provider

Charlene Hansard, caption provider

Deana Collins-Kohn, caption provider

Rachel Mayo, caption provider



Susan with card

Susan Greenhouse, CVR, CCR

Lisa Bergeron

Lisa Berg, CVR, CCR


Tammy Haney, CVR, CCR

Mandy Lively, CVR, CCR

Julia CVR

Julia Emerson, CVR, CCR


Mildred Hornblower, CCR


Kerri Floyd, CVR, CCR

Ronda Neff (3)

Ronda Neff, CCR

Donna T

Donna Trautman, CCR

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Jennifer Thomas, CCR


Linda Panzica, CCR *

* Linda was trained privately by Dessa Van Schuyver in 2010.



Jennifer Ourada, CCR, CVR *

* Jennifer was trained privately by Dessa Van Schuyver in 2008.

Student Comments

Hello, Dessa and Chris!!

     I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making your class available to those of us wanting to move into a voicewriting career.  I just started my new job with a well-known captioning company.  The cost was affordable, the time spent in the classroom was doable, not overwhelming, and left me enough time to practice on my own.  I also want to say how much I appreciated the quick response for support when I had questions about software!! You two are the best!!

Rema Strauss
July 1, 2015

     I made the decision to take Dessa Vanschuyver’s, Realtime Voicewriting Academy program, over other programs because of her reputation within the industry.
     After already investing thousands of dollars into a court reporting program, I decided to try to find a program to learn about captioning as well as to find a program where I could strengthen my voicewriting skills. 
     I interviewed several people in the industry to see what I could find out about Dessa’s program to see if it was worth me investing money into.  I interviewed court reporters, educators that teach classes at NVRA and NCRA, and past students who completed Dessa’s program along with students who hired Dessa for a few personal one-on-one training sessions.

     After hearing about her reputation, I was sold.  But before I invested the money into her program, I called her several times asking particular concerns I had and she thoroughly answered every single question.  So I indeed felt confident that I made the right choice.

     The layout of her course online was easy to navigate and extremely thorough.  She had taught students in classroom along with online students each week at the same time through an online tool.  I felt as though I was right there in the classroom with the others.  I was nervous at first because I did not know what to expect, but with Dessa’s outgoing and fun personality, I felt very comfortable.  Anytime I had a question or concern, she helped me until I understood it.

     I became more amazed with Dessa the first couple of weeks because of her wealth of knowledge.  She knows all different versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking software inside and out.  She is actually known in the industry as the, “Dragon Tamer.”   I learned things from her about Dragon Naturally Speaking that I never knew before.  I cannot imagine anyone else knowing the wealth of information she knows to teach about the software.   She not only knows Dragon Naturally Speaking but Eclipse CAT software as well.

     Then for the icing on the cake, I learned that just a few weeks after starting the program, I would start to learn about the industry of captioning and who of all people is the teacher but Chris Crosgrove!   Wow, was I excited to hear that news!!! 

     Chris Crosgrove is well known in the court reporting and captioning industry.  He knows both steno writing and voicewriting.  He was the head of court reporting at several schools and he has taught both court reporting and captioining workshops in several cities in the United States as well as Canada.  He also has written captioning courses for a few universities and has written the captioning test for NCRA and NVRA.   Wow, did I ever hit the jackpot…   No other program would be able to provide such talent. 

     The education that both Dessa and Chris provided allowed me to improve my voicewriting skills in ways I never imagined, and I was able to learn everything I needed to know about the captioning industry.  At the end of the program, I felt confident with what I learned and saw such a huge improvement in my voicewriting skills that I applied and tested for a realtime captioning position.  I passed the test, and I got the job!!! 

     I am currently employed as a realtime captioner, captioning all different types of service lines.  My dream has come true…Thank you, Dessa and Chris.
     Deana Collins-Kohn
     June 9, 2015.

     Years ago I thought about becoming a court reporter, but at that time going to school for 2+ years to learn the steno machine was not a viable option.  Fast forward to present day:  I happened to learn that court reporters in many states now use voice writing as a method of reporting.  After some research, I discovered that voice writing can be learned in a relatively short period of time.  And THEN...I discovered Realtime Voice Academy and Dessa!

     The 5-month RVA program teaches aspiring court reporters how to use the technology behind voice writing, how to develop voice writing speed and how to accurately transcribe dictations.  RVA prepares its students for testing and certification, covering all aspects of the process.

     I have just finished the 5-month program and am excited about the career possibilities that lie ahead.  Thank you, RVA!  Thank you, Dessa!  Thank you for your fast-paced, focused and fun program!!

Susan G.
June 16, 2013


     Going to RVA is the best decision I ever made!  I struggled at those other court reporting schools, stacking my school debt up to an overwhelming amount.  I tried the local college, on line schooling and even got desperate enough to try a college in WVA and none of them were successful in helping me reach my dream to become a court reporter.  And I tried for 6 years!
     Realtime Voice Academy not only gave me solid instruction with detailed workbooks, but I was up and running in the court reporting field in a year!  Now I have a full-time position with a prominent court reporting firm and I'm working in the courtroom.  I absolutely love my new life and my new career!
     Enroll in RVA!  You will get detailed instruction, hands-on training, learn the latest and greatest in court reporting technology and you will learn how to launch your new career so that you too will be a success.
     Thank you, RVA!!!   Julia Emerson, CVR


     "I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Dessa to prepare me for NVRA testing, equip me with a working knowledge of the Eclipse software so that I am ready to hit the ground running, and to be there for support as I begin my court reporting career. 
     The class sizes are small so that you get individual attention, all of your questions answered, and form friendships with fellow students.  If you are self-motivated and ready to start your career in voice writing, then Realtime Voice Academy is where you need to begin."  Kerri L. Floyd, CVR
     [I could keep going on and on, but I don't want to take up the whole page, LOL.  I didn't even mention how you are the expert of Eclipse and all of the gadgets that you have to help us while we're out there in the field that I had no idea about.
     Thanks again for all of your help, support, and friendship.  I truly appreciate all you have done for me.  Kerri]

     So what can I say about RVA? 

     I previously attended a court reporting school in Atlanta, but after several classes, I realized I was not learning what was necessary to manipulate my software effectively.  I found out about Dessa and enrolled in one of her workshops.  That sealed the deal. 

     After realizing that my settings were incorrect, I could no longer bring myself to go back to the school that was happily draining me financially.   What I was currently “learning” at the other court reporting school was counterproductive to what I needed to learn to be an effective court reporter.  I withdrew and enrolled in RVA.  Thanks to the education I received from RVA, I am now a certified court reporter.  Thanks, Dessa!!

Donna Trautman, CCR

     Dessa is a knowledgeable and patient teacher.  Her dedication shines through every time!  I would recommend training with Dessa in either a group or one-on-one session.  She really gets it and makes sure you do, too.   --   Jen O, Atlanta, Georgia.


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